Maintaining Your Granite Countertops in Between Cleanings

Jan 21, 2022 | General Cleaning Tips, Granite Renewal

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Granite countertops are a beautiful centerpiece in many kitchens. To ensure you are able to enjoy their beauty and cleanliness for years to come, Chem-Dry of Northern Utah offers some simple tips to maintain your granite countertops in between professional cleanings.

Keep reading to learn more about the dos and don’ts regarding granite countertops.


DO Use Mild Detergent

Use a mild detergent and water to wipe down your countertops. Sanitizing wipes can also work in a pinch. You should wipe your countertops every night, after preparing food or otherwise making a mess to keep them clean. 



Wax isn’t necessary for a granite surface. It’s not painted and it won’t scratch. Skip this step. 


DO Get Your Countertops Professionally Cleaned

Even if you regularly clean your countertops, soap scum can build up over time. Because it’s gradual, you might not even realize how dull or dingy your countertops had become until you have them cleaned again. We make it easy to schedule a granite countertop renewal in the Logan, UT area!


DON’T Use Over the Counter Polishes or Products

These often leave behind residues that collect dirt and debris. If you are unsure which cleaner is best for your countertops, ask your cleaning technician during your next cleaning appointment.


DO Use Professional Sealers

These can help you avoid staining your countertops. Chem-Dry uses a professional sealer to prevent stains in between cleanings. 


DON’T Use it as a Food Prep Surface

Use a cutting board instead of prepping food directly on your countertops. Juices can leak into the granite and cause stains. 


What Makes Chem-Dry Special? 

When it is time to get your granite countertops professionally cleaned, you should choose Chem-Dry of Northern Utah. Here’s why:


Proven Effectiveness

Our process means you don’t have to worry as much between deep cleanings and always brings back your granite’s original shine. 


Simple, Efficient Process

While others may be more intrusive, Chem-Dry of Northern Utah will be in and out in no time—providing premium results with little inconvenience to you. You can even have it done at the same time as your carpet or upholstery cleaning!


We hope these tips help keep your granite countertops in great condition in between cleanings. And when it is time to get your countertops cleaned, give us a call!

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