Chem-Dry cleans, seals, and polishes granite countertops in Logan, UT

Granite Countertop Renewal in Cache Valley

Granite countertops are a beautiful feature in any home. Because granite is so durable, you expect to be able to enjoy its beauty for years to come. However, without proper care and maintenance, granite can lose some of its shine and luster over time. Even though most granite countertops come with a sealant when first installed, this sealant wears down over time. This allows dirt to cling to the surface of the granite causing it to look dull.

Regular maintenance, cleaning, and sealing of granite are essential to protect your countertops. With Chem-Dry of Northern Utah’s granite countertop renewal in Logan and the surrounding area, your countertops can look new without the massive price tag!

granite countertop renewal

Improve the Health of Your Home

Because granite is very porous, it harbors dirt and grime that can only be lifted by deep cleaning. Fortunately, that is exactly what we do! After we deep clean your granite, we seal the surface to keep unwanted elements away, help restore the shine, and extend the life of your granite countertops. Chem-Dry of Northern Utah uses green certified cleaning solutions that are safe and non-toxic with powerful equipment to safely remove dirt and build-up.

Tested & Proven Superior Results

If you want your granite to keep it’s brand new look, you’ve come to the right people! You can trust Chem-Dry of Northern Utah to refresh and revitalize your granite countertops for a cleaner surface, brighter shine, and a healthier home.

granite renewal in cache valleyOur Granite Countertop Renewal Process

Before we begin, we consult with you to understand your needs and come up with an individualized granite renewal service. Here are our typical steps:

1. Clean and Scrub. Chem-Dry’s industry-leading granite countertop renewal removes buildup from your countertops without abrasive scrubbing that can damage the surface. Additionally, because our solution is non-toxic, you can be sure your family is safe and your home will be cleaner and healthier when we’re done.

2. Remove Leftover Residue. Once we’ve cleaned the surface, we’ll remove any leftover residue from your granite surfaces with our granite countertop residue remover.

3. Seal. Once deep cleaned, your countertops will be sealed with a small amount of our granite countertop sealer. Our sealant dries quickly, within 3-5 minutes. The seal penetrates the granite surface and leaves a powerful layer of protection on your countertops.

4. Polish. Finally, we polish your countertops. We use our unique granite polish that leaves your countertops shiny and refreshed for months and even years to come.

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