Chem-Dry in Logan effectively removes pet stains and smells from carpets and rugs

Pet Urine Removal in Logan, UT

Pets can bring so much joy to our lives, but they also come with the unfortunate side effect of pet accidents. It doesn’t matter how well-trained your furry friend is; messes on carpeting, furniture, and rugs are bound to happen sooner or later. One particular type of accident that requires swift attention? Urine– if not taken care of immediately it could seep through the carpet into its padding or flooring underneath and cause some serious damage (and an even bigger bill for you!).

Fortunately, Chem-Dry of Northern Utah has a specially formulated Pet Urine Removal Treatment (P.U.R.T.®) to take care of unsightly pet stains and their accompanying odors.

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P.U.R.T.® is specifically designed to eliminate pet urine odors and stains. Even carpets or area rugs severely damaged with pet urine can be recovered. If you’ve tried the products you bought from the store and the pet smells and stains are still there, give Chem-Dry in Logan a call!

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Pet Urine and Your Carpet

When pets urinate on your carpets, it doesn’t just stay on the surface. It seeps deeper and deeper until it has reached the backing of the carpet and the flooring beneath. Does your pet like to do its business in the same spot every time?

If so, these locations can accumulate serious damage to the carpet and flooring. It’s not just the damage you have to worry about. It’s the smell as well. As the urine dries, the liquid evaporates but the urine crystals become even more concentrated and pungent. Simple surface cleaning does not get rid of urine odors.

Chem-Dry developed P.U.R.T.® to handle these hard to clean stains and smells, When P.U.R.T.® contacts the source of the odor, it immediately begins a chemical reaction that destroys the urine odor.

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The P.U.R.T.® Process

  1. The source and severity of the odor are determined, then the carpet or rug will be rinsed and extracted with a hot water rinse to remove the bulk of the urine crystals.
  2. In worst cases, the carpet is pulled back in the suspected areas to reveal the extent of the damage.*
  3. Over the next 24 to 36 hours, the ingredients in P.U.R.T.® will react with the urine and break down the odor causing components.

Pet urine stains and odors in carpets can cause many issues in the home. If you have pets, chances are that you’ve experienced those issues.

Get rid of those stubborn pet stains and smells. Contact Chem-Dry of Northern Utah in Logan today and get a free pet odor consultation!

*Additional charges may apply for services based on your unique situation and the amount of time and cleaning solution is required to remove the pet odors. Please note that this process may take up to 48-hours to fully dry. You may want to ventilate your home slightly so that the odor can escape.

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