Best Practices For Wood Floor Cleaning

Jul 29, 2021 | General Cleaning Tips, Wood Floor Cleaning

professional wood floor cleaning in Logan, UT

Hardwood floors—both old and new—benefit greatly from wood floor cleaning in Logan, Utah. The effort and time required to preserve and protect these surfaces is well worth it. 


However, there’s debate about which cleaning methods are best for hardwood floor surfaces, which is why the pros at Chem-Dry of Northern Utah is offering our best advice for keeping your wood floors clean. 


Here are some tried and true tips for wood floor cleaning in your Logan home. 


Routine Wood Floor Cleaning


Make it a standard routine to sweep or vacuum your hardwood floors as needed—which will probably be daily. Also, remember to mop them every week. 


However, it’s essential to keep in mind what moisture can do to your wood floors. Excessive moisture in the cleaning process can damage your wood floors and cause the boards to mold and warp. Instead, use a mop that’s damp rather than soaking wet. It’s also beneficial to try working in one small area at a time so moisture doesn’t sit on your wood floors for too long before being dried. 


Try using a cleaning solution of 4 cups warm water and several drops of gentle dish soap. Start on one section of your wood floors, mop and dry them, then move onto the next. Whichever type of mop you prefer will work well for this, as long as you keep in mind that less moisture and quick-drying is best. 


Wood Floor Cleaning Do’s And Don’ts


Gravitate toward plain soap and water rather than cleaning solutions packed with soapy residue or harsh chemicals. Also avoid the use of furniture sprays, oils, and waxes on your wood floors at all costs. Wood floor surfaces should be treated with care, which is why many homeowners throughout Logan enlist the help of Chem-Dry. 


Our cleaning solutions are tough on stains and dust yet gentle on wood floor surfaces. We can also provide you with recommendations for keeping your specific type of wood floors clean between our visits.


Wood Floor Cleaning In Logan, Utah


To keep your wood floors looking sparkly clean and to preserve them for decades to come, take advantage of wood floor cleaning from Chem-Dry of Northern Utah! Your wood floors will be safe in our hands. We look forward to serving you!


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