All About Area Rug Color Bleeding

Jun 2, 2023 | Area Rug Cleaning

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Area and oriental rugs are prized for their distinctiveness and beauty, which enhance your home’s ambiance. Nonetheless, they can easily sustain damage during the cleaning process due to their elaborate patterns and delicate hues. If the wrong cleaning techniques or stain removal procedures are used, the colors may blend together, detracting from the rug’s aesthetic and value. Properly caring for your oriental rug during cleaning is crucial in maintaining its beauty and quality. By taking precautions and giving it attentive care, you can ensure that your rug is thoroughly cleaned while preserving its intricate design and vibrant colors.


Why Rug Bleeding Occurs

There are several factors that can cause color bleeding during the process of oriental rug cleaning. These include:

  • Traditional Oriental rugs often use natural fibers and pigments for dyes, which may not be colorfast. Water-soluble dyes, in particular, are prone to bleeding during cleaning, and methods like flooding can cause significant damage.
  • It is important to avoid using dry cleaning and steam cleaning on oriental rugs as they can leave behind a residue, which may cause the rug’s dyes to bleed and damage the rug.
  • When an excess amount of dye is used to color a rug, the extra dye may wash out during the initial cleaning cycles. If the rug is not stabilized or protected, this can lead to the contamination of surrounding areas.
  • When cleaning, be careful if you use alkaline substances or expose the rug to high heat. Even if the rug dyes are colorfast or have been stabilized, they may still react and bleed when exposed to these cleaning methods. This can also lead to fading.
  • If pet urine is not promptly and appropriately removed, it can cause dyes to bleed during cleaning, so be cautious if dealing with pet accidents.


Our rug cleaners have provided some tips to help minimize the risk of color bleeding and fading so you can avoid these issues with your rug.

  • To prevent fading, avoid placing your rug in direct sunlight. UV rays can disintegrate the bonds between the dyes and fibers. In case of wetness, use alternative techniques to dry the rug.
  • To avoid staining and bleeding, quickly clean up any accidents by absorbing as much liquid as possible with white paper towels or a white cloth. Afterward, it’s best to contact a professional oriental rug cleaner to handle the remaining stain. Be careful not to use store-bought stain removers as they may damage the delicate fibers, cause color bleeding, or even bleach the rug.
  • To keep your rug looking new and vibrant for longer, it’s important to schedule regular cleaning appointments. Our professional team can help by providing yearly cleaning services tailored to your rug’s specific needs. By analyzing your rug beforehand, we can determine the best cleaning approach that maintains its integrity and prevents color bleeding.

If you’re looking for a team of rug cleaning experts in Logan who will respect your rug and keep it in its best shape, give Chem-Dry of Northern Utah a call at 435-752-6100 today!

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