5 Things To Look For In A Logan Carpet Cleaning Company

May 22, 2019 | Carpet Cleaning

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Carpet is a big investment that requires regular maintenance. That’s why Cache Valley has so many carpet cleaners out there vying for your business. Not all carpet cleaning companies are created equal — so how do you choose the right one? Whether you choose to work with our team here at Chem-Dry of Northern Utah or not, we want to make sure you know which questions to ask before you schedule your next carpet cleaning service. Consider the following 5 points when you’re ready for your next cleaning:

Experience & History

True expertise comes from years of experience in the industry. That’s why the length of time a carpet cleaning company has been in business is a key factor to consider.

Longevity in the field of carpet cleaning shows that a company delivers results customers are satisfied with – otherwise they wouldn’t have stayed in business. It also shows that they understand the best methods to use in order to provide the highest quality service.

Years of experience proves that a company’s business model is based on more than just one-time customers that never want to work with them again. Actual results are what will allow a carpet cleaner to stay in business.

Since 1977, Chem-Dry has been one of the nation’s premier carpet cleaners. With over 40 years of experience in the carpet cleaning industry, you can trust us to provide the best carpet cleaning service in Logan.

Strong Customer Reviews

A significant benefit of online business is the ability to view customer reviews. It’s important to note that a couple of negative reviews is normal and can actually be a good thing; it shows that the reviews are genuine.

If there are a lot of negative reviews or the company has a low overall star rating, this could be a red flag.

Take advantage of this feature by doing a Google search for the company’s business name and see what customers who have used them in the past have to say. You can read our reviews here: Chem-Dry of Northern Utah Google Reviews.

Cost Of Cleaning Services

A common mistake people make when selecting a carpet cleaner is automatically going with the cheapest option. This shouldn’t be your main reason to choose or not choose a carpet cleaning company.

As with most products and services, in most cases, you get what you pay for. And if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Focus on customer reviews and industry experience first. Once you’ve narrowed your options down based off of those factors, look for carpet cleaning specials or promotions offered by those companies. Insider tip, most carpet cleaners have a newsletter or social media profiles where they share their latest promotions – be sure to follow those that you’re interested in working with so that you can catch their best deals.

You should also look for companies that offer free price estimates prior to paying for or scheduling their services.

Carpet Cleaning Method

carpet cleaning loganTraditional steam cleaners use a lot of water (about 80% more than Chem-Dry’s Hot Carbonated Cleaning method) and soapy residue, which means longer drying times, a higher chance of mildew growth and resoiling, and a negative impact on the environment.

Seek out carpet cleaning methods that are more effective than steam cleaners, and won’t leave behind water or soap that can cause you headaches in the long run. When it comes to carpet cleaning, less water = better.

Environmental Impact

Although this may not be the first thing you consider, it’s important to review a company’s impact on the environment when choosing who will clean your carpet. Many companies use exorbitant amounts of water, high-emission vehicles, and harsh chemicals. Seek out companies that are innovative and aim to limit the environmental impact that occurs as a result of their services.

Look for carpet cleaning solutions that are non-toxic — not packed with harsh chemicals or excessive amounts of soap. Also, beware of carpet cleaning methods that use unnecessary amounts of water – i.e. high-pressure steam cleaners.

Not only will this be better for your family and pets, but it’s also better for mother earth.

Choose The Best Carpet Cleaner in Logan

chem-dry of northern utahChoosing a carpet cleaning company you can trust is easy when you know what to look for. With these 5 tips, you’ll be able to select the highest quality, affordable service in the Box Elder & Cache Valley areas.

If you decide you would like to give us a chance, get your free quote from Chem-Dry of Northern Utah — serving Logan, Smithfield, Hyrum, Tremonton, Brigham City and the surrounding areas – by calling (435) 752-6100.

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