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Chem-Dry of Northern Utah has earned more than 500 five-star reviews on Google. Our carpet cleaning in North Logan is green certified and effectively removes dirt, stain, and allergens. We work hard to be able to provide each and every customer with the cleaning results they’ve been looking for.

We know how difficult it can be to keep carpets clean. Along with the dirt and stains from spilled drinks, energetic kids, and pet accidents, high-traffic areas easily become dirty and dingy.

Regular vacuuming is important, but it can only do so much. Without professional carpet cleaning, germs, dirt, bacteria, allergens, dead skin, and pollutants continue to build up. The air quality in your home will continually increase the more you clean your carpets and upholstery. Chem-Dry of Northern Utah carpet cleaning in North Logan gives your carpets a deep and efficient clean without the chemicals, sopping wet carpets, or environmental damage.

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All I can say is WOW! Darryl came to my home and did the most amazing job on my carpets! They look like new again and we had some really tough stains! He spent extra time on all my really tough spots. I thought there would be no way the carpet could be salvaged and that we’d have to spend a lot of money to replace it, but after he was done it practically looks like I did get new carpet! I am so impressed and the prices were so good. Darryl was incredibly professional and highly recommend him and Chem-Dry for all your cleaning needs. Thank you Chem-Dry of Northern Utah! You have made me a very happy woman!
Keturah P.

The Power of Carbonation

Traditional steam cleaning soaks your carpet with massive amounts of moisture and then fails to extract all of the dirty water. Using this process means it will takes days for your carpets to dry and leaves excess water underneath your carpets. Since we use 80% less water than steam cleaners, your carpet will dry in hours, not days.

The secret to our Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE) carpet cleaning method is millions of carbonated bubbles. The bubbles easily work their way into the carpet and find dirt and allergens that have settled. Once the bubbles have trapped the dirt and grime, they break apart these contaminants and carry them to the surface. Next, our gentle, but powerful equipment whisks it all away. 

Benefits of Choosing Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning in North Logan

Chem-Dry of Northern Utah stands out among other professional carpet cleaners in Cache Valley. Our revolutionary carpet cleaning allows us to give you a deeper clean without damaging your carpets. Additionally, we don’t use any harsh soaps or chemicals, so you know it’s safe around your kids and pets. Not to mention, your home is left smelling fresh instead of chemically!


Did you know that traditional steam cleaned carpets usually take at least 1-2 days to dry? Mold and mildew easily grow underneath your carpets after they have been left soaking wet for that long. Not only is wet carpet inconvenient, but it is a potential health hazard. Instead of pumping your carpets full of water and then trying to extract it all out, we use a low-water carbonated formula. Your carpets get a deep clean and still dry within 1-2 hours!


In addition to faster drying time, our cleaning method allows us to get your carpets cleaner. Millions of carbonated bubbles sink deep into your carpets and then explode the dirt and grime up to the surface. From there, our specialty equipment easily whisks it away. Our Chem-Dry carpet cleaning in North Logan gives your carpets a deep and thorough clean from the bottom up. Also, since we don’t ever use any harsh soaps or toxic chemicals, there isn’t ever any dirt-attracting residue left behind. Your carpets stay cleaner, longer!


We pride ourselves on getting your carpets cleaner and your home healthier! As we mentioned earlier, our primary Chem-Dry cleaning solution is green-certified and non-toxic. Additionally, an independent study found that Chem-Dry removes an average of 98% of allergens from carpet and 89% of airborne bacteria. Our carpet cleaning in North Logan significantly improves your home’s air quality. Don’t forget to check out our limited-time carpet cleaning coupons!

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*Based on independent lab testing associated with EPA registration #s 87742-1-92595, 84683-3-74771 and 70385-6. Hard non-porous surfaces including sealed stone and VCT surfaces were evaluated. Bacteria and viruses tested include salmonella, influenza and E. coli. Our sanitizers associated with EPA registration #s 87742-1-92595, 84683-3-74771 and 70385-6 have been approved by the EPA for use against the Novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, the cause of COVID-19.